Sunday, April 5, 2009

something that is beating

spa days are my favorite days. i had a 2 hour, full body massage at the spa between latini's and the coffee shop, and it was fantastic. i woke up with a cold so my head was pounding and my body felt achey all morning, but the massage was perfect.
my masseuse (thank you, spellcheck), jessica, spoke a little bit of english which was nice. we had one hilarious problem because my nose was all runny from laying on my stomach for an hour, so when i had to turn over i asked for a tissue and she thought i was crying! i tried to explain that i had a cold.. but she just heard the word 'cold' and then turned the AC off and put some extra blankets on me.
the top picture is one i took a while ago and all of the others are from their website. the picture above is the room where you soak your feet in scented water of your choice.. i like rose but today i had chamomile. after your treatment you hang out, read magazines, have your nails painted on the couch, drink tea and eat tiny little cake with a tiny little that was a nice day. i went in at 345 and left at 8. i have some awesome asian nail art, but it isn't photographing well with the glare from the light so i'll post that tomorrow.

then as i was paying, beth was at the front desk of the spa talking to nicky so i went to latini's with her and jerry was meeting her. who knows how she talked him out of his lair. anyway the 3 of us ended up spending the night chatting. it's 4am and i just got home. i really like beth. she reminds me a lot of my friends from home.
and i got to chat with faj on skype for an hour. so jealous that they're testing out the new jet ski without me. 3 months.


Becca said...

jet ski! maj and faj are holding out on me.

Its_Lily said...

have you decided then? You're leaving for home?