Sunday, April 5, 2009

with dignity and grace

i hate carrefour on sundays but oh how i love these little cakes that they sell by the door.
they're filled with some kind of pudding stuff. dena said she thinks it's lemon but i think it's vanilla custard? whatever it is, it's delicious. although sometimes if the lady has just made them, it's like molten lava. so this afternoon i attempted to make crunchy cornbread stuff that turned out to be a disaster.. i can't remember where i found the recipe, somewhere online. anyway it was supposed to be made in a 9 by 13 but i made it in a 7 by 10 or some silly sized dish from IKEA and the middle didn't want to cook so i lifted up the crispy top, scooped out all of the uncooked middle and put it in another dish and then put the top back on and cooked them both for a while longer.

it wasn't appetizing at all because it stuck to the bottom of the pans so i had to scoop it out with spoons and then it was just like a pile of crunchy mess on a plate. jerry came over to try it and we decided it just needed to be thrown out. it wasn't disgusting but it wasn't tasty. but! i did learn how to carmelize onions. at first i wasn't a big fan of the nail art. but now i think i kind of like the gold with white roses. it's funny because my brain knows it's ugly but the rest of me reaaally likes it! i keep pointing to everything and taking longer to get the change out of my change purse just so i can look at it. i'm losing my mind, aren't i?
the highlight of the day was a delicious strawberry banana smoothie. it makes me want to make smoothies every day for every meal. and we're coming up on mango season.


Majjy said...

The smoothie looks delicious but I REALLY have spa envy!!
I need to treat myself to one in Austin.

megan said...

massage envy has a special that's $40 for an hour for first timers. there's one right by the new HEB

Its_Lily said...

lol - you might be going a little crazy, but we don't mind.