Tuesday, April 21, 2009

my fingers wrap around your words

there's a fruit market right down the street that i'm not sure why none of us go to. i asked chris, who was sitting in the living room when i got back from buying some fruit there, and he called it a 'wet market' which i had never heard before. i guess by wiki's definition (an open air market that sells fresh fruit & meat), it is. but they don't have cages of animals anywhere.

i've been twice so far though, and it's lovely. it's a bunch of vendors with tables set up beside each other with stacks and stacks of fruits, veggies and other produce. best of all, they have clean, fresh looking onions. you can easily spend 10 minutes in front of carrefour's onion bin looking for ones that aren't moldy or squishy. gross. and the people at the market were all too friendly. so that may become a regular thing.
on saturday i bought some hand moisturizer (an ingenious suggestion from an anonymous commenter. thank you.) for mrs. chan and some pumpkin seed brittle for mr. kuo as a tiny thank you for everything they do for me, and i gave it to them today. mrs. chan's reaction was awesome. she said 'for meee?!' and her face lit up and i think she may or may not have literally bounced up and down a little bit.

when i was waiting to sign for my money after class tonight, one of my students, amy, came up to me and said "megan very very very very likes cookies, candy and juice" as i was eating the most delicious chocolate-cream filled japanese koala cookies from 7-11.
she has me pegged.

..we're deciding between macau/hong kong, malaysia and japan for dragon boat festival vacation (i'm excited just to type that). any suggestions from people who have been?


calvin said...

Macau is like Las Vegas in Asia. If you do not like gambling, then Macau is kind of boring. HK is a place for shopping. Macau has biggest Venetian hotel in the world, and HK has smallest Disney Land in the world. Macau/HK is more English friendly area compare to JP and Malaysia.

Japan is the most advanced country in Asia. People are nice and courteous there. I've been there more than 10 times and still love to go again. The disadvantage of Japan is the expense. Food and hotel is not cheap there. Most of the Japanese is not good in English (like Taiwan).

Never been to Malaysia....so no comment.

P.S: I am a long time reader of your blog. Love it. I am from Taiwan, but currently resides in Bay Area, CA. The school you are teaching on is close to my parents house. Lots of pictures looks familiar to me. 10 years ago that area is rice farm.

Anonymous said...

dragon boat festival! when? i want to come!

megan said...

wow! i can believe that this area used to be all rice farms. it's still growing quickly though. they're about to build a giant museum/entertainment thing on half of the big park.

thank you for the travel advice. i read that macau is famous for textiles so maybe if the boys are gambling, i can find fabric. we'll see what they decide.

let me know if your parents ever need anything. :) MK

Its_Lily said...

lol - I came home with Koala Yummies. Why don't I see anything in Chinese on yours?

I'm going to be very envious if you find textiles. I found one shop when we were in Hualien and, yes, I came home with fabric.

calvin said...

Hi Megan,

I know that they are building museum/entertainment near your school. There also will be subway station in about 10 years (but according to Taiwanese government efficiency, we usually put another 5~10 years delay on it).

By the way, if you need any info for specific food/restaurant, please let me know. I could find out for you and send you email. Taiwan is heaven for eating!