Friday, April 24, 2009

like sparkling wine

are you kidding me, j. crew? some of your new clothes literally look like they were made in taiwan.
these roses pop out from the dress. why is there a big seam in the middle?
most of their new stuff is really cute though.
here's my story of the day: trip to tung an street library
..megan walks up to desk where two librarians start saying 'oh nononono' before i even say anything
me: can you speak english?
them: no, nonono
me: ok, i would like a library umm, card. i'm an english teacher and i want to check out books to read to my kids
mean woman: fill out this form
me: can you please read this to me? i can understand chinese but i can't read it
mean woman: write your name here
..i write my name in english..
mean woman: oh nononono. chinese name
me: i don't have a chinese name. can i say my english name and you can write a chinese name? or can you just choose something?
mean woman grabs my ARC to see if there's a chinese name printed on it, and there isn't.
then some girl in high school walks up to me and asks if she can help. she starts asking the librarian what i needed, then she asks if i can speak chinese. the librarian says no
me: i can speak a little
her: do you understand what i'm saying?
me: yep
mean woman: she doesn't speak any chinese.
mean woman tells me to write down my address in chinese, i tell her i can't write it, can she please help me? it's written on my ARC, she takes snatches my ARC out of my hand and rolls her eyes as she writes it down

then there was some big controversy about which box to check. the choices i could read were elementary school student, middle school student, university student, and 2 others. they discussed which box to check for 5 minutes or so and decided on university student.

they tell me i have to wait until 1pm, i look at the clock and it's 12:57 so i say no problem, it's only 3 minutes from now.

but i did end up checking out 5 books! success!

other random bits from today..
my first class on friday thinks i'm dating alex because we always get coffee before class
my second class thinks i'm dating jon because we go to dinner together
i found a good china tour group website, so now i just have to decide how much i want to spend/what i want to see
i have an appointment next saturday at the sheraton taipei to get my hair highlighted!


Anonymous said...

the suspense is killing who are you dating......

megan said...

silly don't you think you'd know if i was dating someone? i am painfully single :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

painfully single? well how are you going to find a nice texan all the way over there in taiwan? =)

Anonymous said...

hey meg you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey meg you rock

Anonymous said...

hey meg i miss you