Wednesday, April 22, 2009

everybody gather 'round

i was getting to the bottom of today's post on my faaaavorite blog, and what did i see but a picture of erin's tattered, falling apart baby blanket. it's funny because we had a fire drill at school yesterday and i was thinking how from the time i was really little, i've decided that if i had to save one thing from my burning-down house, it would definitely be my baby blanket. it's my most important possession. my grandma's friend norma gave it to me when i was born and it hasn't left my side since then. it used to have a silky ribbon edge, but that fell off long, long ago. it's been to every sleepover, occasionally gone to school in my backpack, been washed probably 50 times in 23 years and visited 7 countries.
so i was thrilled to see that erin had one too. she's so stylish and witty, but she's still in the blanket club. i think you'd be amazed by how many 20somethings (if not older) still have their comfort thing from when they were little. all of my friends always brought theirs to high school sleepovers. becca has flopsy, amber has bear, rachel has a blanket. even one of my ex boyfriends, who will remain unnamed, still had his special thing.
anyway aside from that, i got a million things accomplished today in spite of the drizzle that can't seem to move past taoyuan this month. went to chinese, the book store, the post office, picked up indian for lunch, did today and tomorrow's lesson plans.

mr. kuo and i had a little battle because i bought amanda the same chinese/english picture dictionary i use and they wanted to pay me back for it, but i wouldn't take their money. they must have shoved it in my purse about 15 times and it finally came down to..
me: you make me dinner every day and i never give you money
him: we're happy to do that
me: i'm happy to give amanda the book
after that, i won.

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candace said...

The blanket is a testament to your mother you know...and the love you must have been given as a young baby. Objects such as this are powerful in a psychometric way, meaning, they carry memories and emotions for you much like a sponge. You are able to access them when you keep the object around you.

(I am candace, a new friend of your mom!)