Monday, April 6, 2009

so you think you're lonely

exciting news for anyone who remembers the best part of the '90s. american apparel brought hypercolor shirts back.
they're the ones that change color in different temperatures. they have about 5 or 6 different colors for $34 and it's exciting because you could sort of find them online before, but they always had stupid prints/logos on them.
exhibit A:
they're all over the blogs right now. apparently most people don't remember them as fondly as i do. this afternoon in the dorm we were discussing how it would be kind of embarrassing to wear them now that we aren't 13 because under your arms and your boobs will always be a different color.
exhibit B:
we had the most fun in my first class tonight. they're the perfect age where they're old enough that you can be sarcastic with them but they don't think you're lame. and jasmine is a lot of fun and she doesn't try to control my lesson but she helps me when i need it.and in my little kid class we had to help them with these little stories they're going to recite at our demo in a few months and we were telling them the words they didn't know. my kids were shocked and delighted to find out which chinese words i knew, which was fun for me.
we were playing a game where theyre standing in a circle drawn on the ground and if they lose the rock paper scissor, they have to ask a QA and their circle gets smaller. if you step out of the circle or if you touch the desk or whatever to keep your balance, you lose. carol and i played with the last 2 kids and when our circles got too small, we picked up the kids so their feet wouldn't touch the ground. it was a lot of fun. i wish every day was monday.


Its_Lily said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I found this:

She's a designer (pretty cool stuff) and she hails from Taiwan originally. She mentions great places to visit on her blog and I thought you might want to investigate. Actually, I'm loving some of the food she shows.

megan said...

what a cool find! love her blog/stuff. thanks lily