Friday, April 17, 2009

if you wanna be my lover

is this the teeniest peach you've ever seen?
i realize what a stupid background that is, but my brain hasn't been working right since i've been getting over this sore throat. today has been the first day of near-normalcy. god bless those cups with the fused on plastic though. they're essential for scooter drivers.

kristin and i went to latini's today and she commented on how it feels nice and normal in there. it can be a little bit overwhelming here if you don't find a few reliable western places to hang out when you need a reminder of home. we had a good girl talk session. you can forget what a circus the dorm is until someone from the real world comes in. it's interesting to see how people choose to run their lives when they're far enough from home that no one can keep an eye on them.

i've been looking into group tours so i can see some of asia without being by myself/planning it all out without knowing what i'm doing. china or india?


Anonymous said...

china or india?

life is short. do it all.

megan said...

trueeee i guess i'd rather see both of them than have $3000 in the bank when i get home.

Anonymous said...

china. i plan to live in india in a few years, and you plan to visit me.