Sunday, April 19, 2009

if you eat what you've been given

the kids had a speech competition at school today. one of my sassiest/favorite girls, kitty, was telling the story of sleeping beauty. she was #13 so we waited in the room through 12 other speeches that all went pretty well.
then when it was her turn, every time she said a word, the microphone had louuud feedback. it took them 10 minutes or so to get it all sorted out. i felt bad for her though because she was already nervous and then all of that was a little unsettling.
once she got into her groove though, she did very well. we find out if she made the finals some time next week i guess. (teacher katie drew the picture on the far right and i colored it).
it's pretty amazing that she could memorize a whole 5 minute story in her 2nd language. these kids are expert memorizers.
it was a perfect day out so i spent a few hours in the park on a blanket watching people fly kites. this one dad was holding onto the string of the kite his son was flying so nothing the kid tried to do worked because the dad was really flying it. it seemed very taiwanese to me. there's not a lot of creativity on behalf of the kids because the parents do it all for them because they're so concerned with it being perfect.

another little boy was posing with a baseball glove and bat while his dad took a picture. it was really cute. they would take a couple and then the kid would run over to look at them.
found some time for cao xiao bao. sweet pork in a steamed bun. i could live on those.

tonight dawn, kristin and i were feeling girly so we did some crazy treatment masks and ate oreos dipped in milk (unfortunately it's impossible to do both at the same time). we looked pretty creepy, but it felt wonderful. i want to do that more often.
couldn't resist. this picture of dawn creeps me outtt!

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