Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i don't know if you can dance

you would think you were in two different countries with the weather differences between yesterday and today. yesterday was rainy, gray, dreary and gross. today was sunny, warm, breezy and beautiful. 4 of the girls from the dorm went out for lunch today which was nice and then dena and i did our lesson plans in the park in the sunshine.

i might be totally ridiculous but i think i have a teeny crush on my language exchange. we've been jokingly calling him taiwanese boyfriend at the dorm today. i was beginning to wonder if i wasn't dead inside, so it's been nice to have the hint of a sparkle, even if i wasn't looking for it.
we're going to have lunch tomorrow and maybe go on a field trip on sunday with bobo and friends if we can find a way to this park. we need a train or a bus or something because we both only have a scooter and it isn't scooterable.

i knowwww, i took the bait. but i've been driving myself insane overthinking my future and spending too much time alone lately, so it's nice to have something/someone else to think about for a bit. even it is just a new friend. i guess we'll see what happens. i'm out of here in july. what's the worst that could happen.

today is josh's birthday so we all went out to a korean bbq place where you grill stuff on charcoal grills at the table. it was really cool. i think i ate my weight in little strips of beef and lamb and kimchi hot pot. the servers were all crowded around the server station next to our table seeing if they could understand us, but i saw one say ting bu dong (hear but don't understand) to another, so i guess not. fun night though.

p.s. this reminded me of my favorite local businesses in taiwan/austin
check out their website at the 3/50 project


Anonymous said...

show us a pic of this twbf, c'mon.

Anonymous said...

live for the moment. tomorrow may never come.

megan said...

i'm working on it. my camera is really big and imposing. maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi, i am Cecilia. i was googling words "sleep like spoon", the lyrics from Lisa Hannigan's song and here i am.
i am wondering if you heard her song because your blog titles "i don't know if you can dance" and "if i sleep like a spoon, or any at all " are just the same as part of her lyrics.
and what makes me creepy is i was listening to Lisa's song when browsing through your blog.
as soon as i read the title "i don't know if you can dance", she just happened to sing the same line....spooky...
anyway, i like Lisa's song.
have a good time in Taiwan!!

megan said...

yes i looove lisa hannigan! the lyrics are from her song.