Thursday, April 30, 2009

come on baby, play me somethin'

my mom bought gram a millllion bulbs for her 80th birthday this year. they planted them in october and now they're up! they're so pretty. they live in new hampshire and they've had a long, snowy winter. what a nice change.

mr. kuo told mr. wang that i have a taiwanese boyfriend and mr. kuo said mr. wang criedd and cried. i feel like i haven't seen him in a looong time. and there was a mild uproar that i was wearing a skirt and drinking a passionfruit smoothie since i'm sick and i'm only supposed to be drinking hot liquids and wearing layers.

there are some taiwanese superstitions i just can't follow. bundling up in layers and layers to sweat out an illness is one. not drinking cold drinks when you're sick, even if it's hot out, is another.
in one of my classes tonight there's this kid, ben, who is super eager and he's constantly shouting out answers super loudly before anyone else has a chance to answer. i'm happy that he's so excited to participate, but it can be a touch annoying.
tonight though, we were reading one on one and he lifted up the sleeve of his shirt really quickly and flashed his inner arm at me and said 'see!' and then put his arm back down. after a little gentle prodding, he let me look again and it was a big scar probably 6 inches long with stitch marks all along the edges.
i said it was no problem, a lot of people have scars, and showed him the scar on my neck and the one right under my lip from when i was little. i think we had a little moment. those are the times when being a teacher is really good.
happy 23rd birthday to jerry!
this is alex and jerry doing the fisherman/fish dance move at beth and rob's party.

twbf says..

Helo Megan :

There are many stars in the sky …it’s beautiful …you can to raise your head …you can watch moon and stars..

Have a dream night !!


Anonymous said...

uh, I'm definitely trading james in for a twbf. that's heart-melting.

calvin said...

Another Taiwanese superstition is "Don't eat fried food while you sick". The Theory is because those food will help to heat up "the fire" in your body. "That fire" is going to slow down your healing process.

Anonymous said...

So what exactly promotes the fastest healing response? To eat and drink?

calvin said...

In Taiwan, just like Megan mentioned, wearing a lot and sweat, drinking lots of water, avoiding heavy food, and resting a lot, are what Taiwanese usually do. Normally, Taiwanese eat congee while they sick.

But that is not the point, the point is this blog is getting better and better since the twbf comes out. This blog is my 1st viewed webpage every day!!!

megan said...

of course i think you should eat healthy food and drink lots of fluids when you're sick. i just don't think it has to be hot liquid.

lol calvin i'm glad you like it. we have a million activities planned so there should be no shortage of updates.

Its_Lily said...

It's my first read of the day as well. It's usually good for a chuckle or two - I think I'm up to 3 chuckles with twbf. Keep up the good work Megan.

Oh, and I agree with Taiwan tradition. I'm a huge fan of sweating out the sickness, but that's just me.