Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it's only time, it will go by

this is jon in his new shirt, 'he were in captivity for n week'. the way he read it with that goofy expression on his face was classic jon/hilarious. he thought it was especially appropriate because we have a whole bunch of vegetarians/'animal rights people' in the dorm.

i received an unexpected call from alex guppy this morning who wanted to go to the mall to ask about a gym membership, but more importantly, get subway for lunch. after not having an appetite for a week from this illness, when my stomach gave an unfamiliar rumble when he said 'subway', i was on board.

it's nice to double on a scooter with alex, too. i always feel perfectly safe which is unusual here. he's good company. it's too bad he enjoys his alone time so much.
we also had the beeest gelato. i had one scoop of blackcurrant and one of raspberry. such a shame i can't share because of my sore throat.
..while he was talking to the gym people, i found a pair of shoes i couldn't live without. one of my coteachers has them in silver, pearly white, and peacock green and i've been coveting them for months. i think i'm only buying silver shoes from now on. they match everything.tonight after class my coteacher jasmine and i went to a tapas restaurant to edit one of our kids things for a speech contest this weekend. we had a nice time. i kind of feel like lavendar milk tea is seeping out of my pores though. i brushed my teeth but it's stuck on my tongue or something.


Its_Lily said...

I'm kind of liking the shoes too. Sparkles, you can't go wrong with that. It's funny because I felt perfectly safe on the back of the scooter with Alex too. I never would have guessed that, especially knowing him like I do. Hey, where's the pic of the gelatto?

Anonymous said...

those shoes are awesome. did you kill your other pair?