Sunday, April 12, 2009

don't look for love in faces

it was a lovely day today. i am so tired of being in my room and dena also wanted to get out and about, so we drove our scooters to Yingge where they have all kinds of pottery. i didn't see anything i neeeeded (except a chocolate ice cream cone..), but dena found a few things. it was just nice to be outside.
on the way home there was craaaazy traffic so we ended up stopping at this place called the Secret Garden cafe. i drive by it on monday and fridays and i've always wanted to go inside. it was pretty bizarre.
the building was designed to look like a grecian building. whitewashed with blue shutters and stuccoed.. but then the inside looks like an antique shop with things piled up and spilling out of corners with big manilla price tags hanging down. to top it all off, they were playing a CD with english love songs that we had never heard before with really sappy lyrics. it was very hodgepodge. the pizza was yummy though. mom stuck herself with an agave plant and she has a barb stuck in her hand. my little brother found something online that said she should put raw onion on it, wrap it in electrical tape and leave it overnight. she did that. did it work? no. now we're on a wild goose chase for something called 'black salve' but it's hard to find because it isn't approved by the FDA. i live in crazytown.
spent the last hour of daylight at the park on a blanket. a little girl accidentally kicked her soccer ball right to me and she looked like she didn't know if i was going to eat it or throw it back to her.
tonight i did some laundry and tess and i watched 27 dresses. i'm glad to have another [blonde] girlyish girl here. i think she's the most like my friends from home. my room smelled oddly like old sausage today and she gave me some vanilla scented candles that are working like a charm.
i downloaded ray lamontagne's CD gossip in the grain and it's perfect. mellow with pretty lyrics.


Majjy said...

Crazytown Maj will look for the black salve and barring that will get it surgically removed this week.

Yesterday, upon impalement, I spent one hour trying to dig it out at with the help of Tran, the lovely Vietnamese owner of the convenience store adjacent to the work site. She and her husband and I dug, poked, tweezered and pinned the thorn to no avail. She had betadine solution on hand which turned my thumb a lovely shade of red.

3 hours of soaking in heated water at home, did nothing to push it up nearer the surface. How anything so little can be such a nuisance is beyond me.

Happy Easter from TX to Taiwan.

Majjy said...

Tuesday evening barb update-
I took the band aid off the offending thumb to soak in hot water and the barb was miraculously partially sticking out of my skin so I grabbed tweezers and yanked it out.

No black salve was used in the process. I am thrilled to be free!