Sunday, April 26, 2009

if i sleep like a spoon, or any at all

remember the guy i met while i was waiting to see the doctor at the hospital a few weeks ago? we met for coffee today to speak english and chinese. he brought me bpmf (the taiwanese alphabet that kids learn to use chinese sounds) flashcards and a magazine so i can speak better chinese. that was very nice of him.
he made an interesting comment about how he thinks that we met on purpose because 'taiwan is a big country and there are many cities' and i didn't go to tainan or kaohsiung or taipei, i came to taoyuan. and there are so many hours in the day and i happened to go to the hospital at the same time that he was waiting in line and tapped on his shoulder to ask for help.
..actually, he had a word for it that he wrote down. help me out, chinese speakers.
so that was an interesting afternoon. we spent 3 and a half hours chatting and now we have an agreement that i'll go to a taiwanese baseball game (which i'm not really excited about) if he'll learn to swim (which he isn't really excited about). i'll keep you posted.
yumm these cookie/crackers are the best. theyre 16NT from 7-11 and taste like vanilla wafers without that odd texture on the outside.

tonight chris, danielle, dena and i watched a silly, silly movie called burn after reading. it wasn't really about anything. don't see it if you don't have to.

called gram and spanky and dad. found out that my mom is in NY. you never know where anyone is at my house anymore. jeff is swimming at the lake with the dog and his best friend. nice to catch up with everyone in their various locations.


Anonymous said...

I'd say he was hitting on you.

Beverly said...

Thanks for visiting Steven's site...and leaving some great advice!

It's a late Sunday night here in the US...and I so want to go through the archives, read your story, explore your part of the world...until tomorrow!

koji said...

yup, sounds like he wants to be a potential suitor.

I personally, believe in fate/destiny, but from what you told us about meeting him,'s not really fate/destiny.

fate/destiny, usually has deeper realizations, more meaningful, and sometimes, almost like having a deja vu moment. what he's saying sounds more like a line, sorry.

megan said...

thanks for the link, anonymous.

i'm not sure. i believe that everything, even tiny things, happen for a reason.

you're both right about the love connection. i'm off to dinner but i'll post details tonight. glad to have you along :)