Thursday, April 23, 2009

the world is on fire

even though my 2 hour jr high class feels like 6, i really enjoy them. today at the break, i sat down at a table with joyce and shelly and we discussed the concept of cram schools and decided that they are no fun. who decided that it would be cool for these kids to go to school from 8-4 and then go to special school for math, science, social studies, english, and an instrument from 4-9?
i have a million review days built into my schedule at that school, so i told them to write down something they wanted to learn about and that i'd teach that instead of reviewing country and city life next week. i beat those to death in their designated 2 hours, there's no need to review.

it was interesting to see what they wanted to learn about. 1/3 said movies, 1/3 said comics, and 1/3 said saving the environment.
i'm a bit homesick today. i miss people who know what project runway is. i miss sleeping in a bed i can spread out like a snow angel in. i miss seeing my family's faces.
this morning jeff actually said to me that now he thinks of me as being perched on top of the computer where the webcam eye is.
love the kuo's though. tonight i told mr. kuo i missed my family and he just looked at me and said 'we are your second family. we are your second family.' and i could have just cried. the kuo's and koala yummies make the world go round.
p.s. this is me and kristin and dawn [without creepy face masks] the other night at beth and rob's birthday party. kristin kind of reminds me of stacy schwab because she's so petite/has the same hair color. and dawn is my favorite englishwoman. i don't know who that creeper in the background is.


canadian604 said...

cram schools are an asian cultural thing. if you can afford it, you try to provide your children with the best future possible. that's usually with tons of education. that's also why when the kids you are teaching go overseas to study as international students, they find math and sciences such an easy thing. to me, they feel that it's a survival of the fittest

davidc said...

chocolate koala's are the best! they come in other flavors too but chocolate is the best.

and seeing all those notes just reminds me. i think that everyone in taiwan has the same handwriting when they write in english!