Thursday, April 9, 2009

talk like an open book

my jr high class was really amusing today. it was a review class about food and drinks and i had no idea what i was going to do. i put a bunch of pictures of food on a flash drive and i had planned to just discuss the pictures, but i turned it into a game where they had to identify the name of the dish, the country of origin, the ingredients, and whether or not i made it.
here are some examples..
bbq sandwich. ..i said it was from america but heck if i know where it originated.. pork/beef, onions, cabbage, carrots, bread. i didn't make it
meatloaf. america. beef, onions, eggs, bread, ketchup. i didn't make it.
enchiladas. mexico. tortillas (a whole mystery on their own), tomato sauce, peppers, cheese, meat. i didn't make it.

and i showed them a picture of sushi from my favorite sushi place in austin (sushi niichi) just so they'd get to see what sushi is like in america i.e., not covered in corn and meat floss.

today is kristin's birthday. we all signed a card for her and the secretaries bought her a piece of cake. she seems to be adjusting relatively well. she's the only new person we've had that has had a reaction like i had when i first got here. it must be a big change after 10 years in the military. i neeeed this? i think so. it's my color. $49 full price at j. crew. they've really gotten realistic with their prices this season (simple cotton dresses are starting around $70 rather than $100-130). i think i'll wait for a sale.

tess was asking about hotels in this area because her friend is coming in a few weeks and i discovered, it's kind of like where it aggregates the info from a bunch of different travel websites to find the best deals. i was surprised to find out how many hotels there are in taoyuan. i like that they have lots of pictures.

p.s. look what came up on tastespotting
chocolate apple pie?!


Anonymous said...

TW residents generally get better hotel rates than visitors out of country. you should see if someone is willing to book a room for the friend and then get reimbursed. the savings can be quite significant

Majjy said...

Today is also your dog, Ripley's 4th birthday. She got a life vest for swimming off the boat. Aunt Margi asked if she could swim (being a dog and all.) Funny to think that we swim in deep water and there's no beach for her to walk out on.

Good tip on the hotel rates. Maybe Bobo would help out.

Anonymous said...

1. you need it. 2. whoa. chocolate apple pie. (p.s. if you can't tell, i'm a little behind on megan blog world, but i'm catching up.)