Monday, April 13, 2009

don't let your heart get heavy

i discovered a trail of ants creepin' down my wall yesterday and smushed them all and i thought they learned their lesson.. but they just moved their line a foot to the right. they aren't in my bag of candy so i'm wondering what they've found.
another new stamp :X i ordered one for kristin because i think it's a cool thing for new people because you always see everyone else with them but you don't know where they come from yet. there are binders full of designs you can get printed on them. i think they're so asian-fab.

it was a beautiful day today. sunny and warm. although right in the middle of the afternoon i was just coming out of carrefour and there were 3 little rain drops and then 5 seconds later there was a torrential downpour. buckets of rain. i found refuge at starbucks and dena and alex gholz were both there so we just hung out.

.. other than that, tonight there was a mom sitting in on my first class and she was literally crying the entire 2 hours. after the first hour, i asked my coteacher what the deal was, and she said 'she's crying? i didn't even notice.' HELLOOOO! i couldn't stop looking at her, it was so distracting.
i never did find out why. she was in there because she wanted to see why her kid's english is so bad though. she must have just been reaallly upset about that.

hey austin i'm going to try to find a creative job in austin. please keep your ears open for design, letterpress or otherwise creative, hands on, artistic jobs.
ANDD tiff's treat's coupon of the week is buy 3 dozen for 21.99. you have to mention the online coupon when you order

hey NYC j. crew sample sale this week!

p.s. if you have a minute, go see how pretty/simple/personal this woman's house is. it's one of the sneak peak's at design*sponge today


Anonymous said...

yay for Austin! my mom and dad are pretty much here forever, so i'll always be back. =) when are you coming home, anyway? i'm off in june or july.

megan said...

i'm not for suureeee but i think i'll be there in early july. i'm going to spend some serious time at the grandparents house though and stay out of the TX heat i think