Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the second star to the right

today i found out that the other side of my window opens and it was cracked half an inch! that explains my mosquito issue. hopefully now that it's closed, my room won't be mosquito haven. naturally, as i wrote that, one flew right by my face.
these are pictures of cookie day that were on bobo's camera.

i take back what i said yesterday about wishing every day was monday. my tuesday classes are also pretty awesome. in my older kid class, they were learning 'lovely' and i had them make sentences and they said 'megan is lovely! ... and pretty and smart and funny' because that's what i always say to them. you can train kids to say anything if you say it enough times.
we also learned 'smarty' and 'frosting'. apparently there's no word for frosting in chinese. they just call it cream.

we played a really fun review game today where they had to unscramble pieces of paper with QAs written on them and then write the answer on a piece of paper. but some cards had 'cha cha cha x 20' or 'draw 50 stars' on them. my tiniest boy, kevin 2, got cha cha cha 20 times and he just stood up and shook his booty back and forth as fast as he could move his hips. it was hilarious. but his table got first place that round.
this week has been awesome because i've hit my 9 month mark, which is when they give you half of the money they withheld at the beginning. you aren't paid for the first 2 weeks and you get the first week back at 9 months and the 2nd week back at 1 year. so this week i'm being paid double for all of my classes. tonight when i went to the kuo's, mr. kuo was cutting a cake and i asked what it was for and he said mr. chen bought it for me. i asked why and he said because he loves me :P then he cut me a GIANT piece. old men. gotta love em.

i'm wondering what i should do to repay them though. i can't just give them cash. what do you give people who buy you cake and coffee all the time? or people who make you dinner for free 4x a week? they don't seem to be really into decorations or possessions.

p.s. look how cool these prints are
this is austin's. the text says.. SPEAK english • FLY 1,957 miles EAT queso flameado DRINK tasty margaritas spend the whole evening listening, dancing and singing-along


Anonymous said...

A box of high quality chinese pears. Then again, since they own a restaurant, you might want to get mrs. chen something. she works with her hands all the time, touching water. get her a bottle (or whatever they come in) of hand moisturizer/preserver. or whatever women use to keep their hands moist and young looking.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mean Mrs. Chan, not Mrs. Chen.

megan said...

ooh excellent ideas. thanks

Its_Lily said...

Ask Jerry about his mosquito problem at the old apartment - the one he resolved by fixing his sliding window as well. *grins*

I like anonymous suggestions too.

Anonymous said...

i agree with hand moisturizer for the lady. my mother-in-law just returned home to tw after a short visit to canada, she brought back lots of victoria secret body butters, glucosomine from costco, oil of olay creams, etc. fruits or good pastry (feng lai sow) would be very traditional and respectful

megan said...

i'll have to ask bobo about the pastry, i can't find anything online
thank you!

Majjy said...

I could send you the lotions darlin'
I LOVE Oil of Olay still...not greasy and in a humid climate that counts.