Wednesday, April 15, 2009

we're takin' all this to the bank

the kuo family makes me want to stay in taiwan forever.
i'm so lucky that my best friends in taiwan also conveniently own restaurants.
when i first started going there in july and i couldn't really speak any chinese, i always got the pea pods with carrots and jew's ear because it was the only thing i could identify in the case. mrs. chan fries it in the wok really quickly with a bunch of slices of garlic and oil and red chilis. i've probably eaten that at least 100 of the 300 days i've been here.
i told them they hadddd to smile. it took us a few tries.
tonight mr. kuo just couldn't get over the fact that i hadn't brought my chinese book with me. he likes to look through the drawings and practice chinese with me. he must have asked me 5 times if i had it, and then when i kept saying no, he finally just looked in my bag to confirm.
when i went over there tonight, they had a plate of things for me to try. some kind of egg thing, stir fried celery, pickled white carrot (one of my faaavorite things) and a read bean paste filled cake thing. dare i say red bean has grown on me. it's kind of nicely subtely sweet.

megan: you have to smile, my mom will think you aren't a happy man
mr. kuo: my face is red, they will think i am drink man
mrs. chan in the background: 1, 2, 3, 'cheeeee'


Anonymous said...

i want to meat mr. kuo. bring him to america.

Anonymous said...

hah. i said meat instead of meet. rather than delete it, i thought i would just acknowledge it so it can be funny without me seeming stupid. =)