Friday, December 5, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4

i finally finished reading a short history of nearly everything. that was a long, interesting book. i've been surprised to find out how many of my friends have read it. i think everyone should. unless you're a hypochondriac. it kind of makes you feel like the world could end at any moment due to any number of things.. meteors, long overdue ice ages, etc.
reading at latini's late last week.

what else.. i'm in love with this couch. the shabby chic store has them on sale right now for a little less than 3,000 which i think is a doable goal. fajjy and i tested them out and it would be well worth the investment.
so pretty. and comfy!

pop quiz. who made this chicken divan? megan or mom?

me, of course. but the point is that it looks and tastes exactly like majjy's, which was the goal. except the rice fiasco. i tried to communicate with a woman at carrefour today and i have no food vocab, so she basically inferred that i wanted a small bag of rice, considering my arms were so full of my other groceries. she literally had to perch it on top of a stack of produce in my arm because i couldn't put it anywhere else.
anyway i got home, rinsed it 6 times until the water ran mostly clear, and then when i checked it 20 minutes later, it had turned a kind of translucent purple color and was really gummy. so i cooked it uncovered for a bit longer, but i was so hungry at that point that i just mixed it in with my chicken divan and it was fine.

time for bed. i can't breathe through my nose and i want to fall asleep before it stops raining. who doesn't love sleeping in the rain?


Aunt Carol said...

Oh my gosh! That couch looks just like my first couch -- it was navy blue flowered and had the same shape arms and loose cushions. It didn't last a lifetime -- only 25 years and I gave it away. I should have kept it and had it recovered for you! Love, AC

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you inherited the "need couch" gene. With treatment, maybe you can overcome it! You need big houses when your couch collection grows.