Sunday, December 7, 2008

a tall, tall man

today was ideal. busy and a lot of fun.
jerry and i went to a nearby town called Yingge this morning that's famous for its pottery. after getting directions from a couple of really cordial, helpful people we made our way to the top of a hill and found a cobblestone street lined with shops. some were fancy like tiny galleries with everything spaced out and uplit, and some were just stacks and stacks of bowls, cups and dishes in every color, shape and size spilling out from every corner.

it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. we bought some freshly made powdered donuts and wandered around. jerry and i tested out some of our chinese with the store owners and he found some kind of ceramic instrument with holes that he neeeeded.
i found more than a few things i didn't think i could live without. the tiny spoons are my favorite. every coffee shop has little spoon rests and those white ceramic spoons to stir with. i love the sound of clinking ceramic as you love of light aqua continues. it's so calming and pretty

anyway jerry and i spent a couple of hours there. it was nice to catch up with him. i missed him while he was in the US for these last couple of weeks.
we stopped by a flower shop on the way home to pick out bouquets for joyce and bobo, who were having a joint birthday party this afternoon. i found a pretty light lavendar bunch of daisies for joyce and a velvety burgundy bunch for bobo. joyce was so cute in her little velvet party dress and candycane tights.

the party was fun. we played wii the whole time. there's a hilarious game where you get to ride cows around a track. i was embarassingly horrible at it considering my cowgirl status, being from texas. it's interesting to watch people interact with jaime and joyce. they really love climbing all over steve. i'm happy to be the one they cuddle up with on the couch when they need a break from the action.
i'm not exactly positive what this is, but i like it. it's obviously a tea strainer, but the little leaf that comes with it has holes in it too. do you think you use them both at the same time..? who knows. this evening, steve, mike, martyn and i went to dinner at 'the aboriginal bar'. it's a tiki-themed taiwanese restaurant down the street. we split lemon chicken, beef with onions, and stir fried tofu, pork stuff. the food was alright but i was just excited to spend some quality time with those boys. i've missed having steve, josh and mike around. they're really down to earth and normal.


Majjy said...

I like the aqua too..........different from the usual white. Sounds like a good day and that you discovered some nice shops.

Faj and I went scooter shopping in South Austin and saw some 50 CC Taiwantastic scooters. Geesh! You ride one of those regularly?!?!?! Out the door they were $2500 new. What does a new one cost there?

megan said...

ooh man i paid $240 for mine.
yeah they're crazy. did faj ride one?