Saturday, December 20, 2008

they don't love you like i do

well this morning i sucked it up and crawled in the little closet under the stairs to get the christmas boxes out. jeff or matt usually holds a flashlight for me, but it was almost less creepy when i wasn't able to see the spiders today. i only got a few things out. maj is way better than me at decorating.
went to the j. crew outlet this morning which i've been dreaming about for 6 months. i think i tried everything on and then bought half of it. they were having a giant sale and then 20% off of the total, so i saved $188, which was more than the total. ruffles are my weakness.
this afternoon patrick and i went to late lunch at kerbey lane, an austin original. loveee their california enchiladas. it's got avocado and big purple olives with a delicious white sour cream sauce on top.
it was rush hour so we went to spiderhouse afterwards. it's the coffee shop my friends from high school and i practically grew up at. they don't close until 2 and it has all of these pretty little metal tables and chairs outside with christmas lights all year round. we liked it because you can pay $1.20 for a bottomless cup of coffee and hang out for several hours.
i think i've been there with everyone i've ever dated. and you always see someone you know because it's right next to campus.

the christmas lights are up around the neighborhood. one house has 2 longhorns in it. they're the university of texas' mascot. it's fun to have so many alum in the state who are so happy to show their school pride. i forgot how much longhorn stuff there is around the city
let's end with the garland on the railings. it sheds little green pieces everywhere and pricks the heck out of your hands when you wind it through the rungs, but it's so satisfying to plug it in and light up the whole front of the house. it makes it feel so warm and christmasy in here
faj is home!

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Margy said...

Now all that you need is some of our 2 feet of snow ( and still falling )
Love you,
Aunt Margy