Thursday, December 4, 2008

pancakes on fire

man i think i almost got lost in blogland for a minute there. i started linking off of dorie's site onto all sorts of baking blogs and now it's 1 AM and i don't know how that much time flew by. i prefer cooking to baking though, so 2 baking links is enough for this blog reader.

well today in class i had the sad realization that my class is at the age where they think anything i think is cool is stupid and any time i laugh, they sneer. my coteacher and i demo-ed a game today and i won and i was excited, and when i turned around with a grin on my face, i was met with 24 little sour pouts of doom.
i can only hope that they get a sub who they like less than me while i'm gone and then they'll be delighted at my return at the end of december. not holding my breath on that one.

regardless of how my class feels about me, mr. kuo and mrs. chan seem perennially happy to see me. today i was in there with them, their daugher, their niece and some mystery girl, and a couple i don't remember seeing was sitting at the table next to us. they didn't say anything at first, but as it became more and more apparent that i had a close relationship with the owners, the couple started asking questions about me.
it's funny to be the subject of a conversation in a language you only very loosely understand. i could hear the words 'texas, beautiful, every day, fried rice, regular rice, doesn't like, fruit, class, teacher' floating around, but i didn't know what was going on. eventually, amanda saw the puzzled look on my face and translated for me.

not much else to say today. i don't feel nearly as ill as yesterday. i've been trying to drink as many liquids as i can stand to flush it out.
jerry is home as of this morning and i think i'll see him on friday when he has class here. i've missed him and his silliness, so it'll be nice to get back into the swing of things.

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