Thursday, December 18, 2008


well, 24 hours in and out of airports has come and gone and now i'm hooomeee!
the flight from taiwan to LA was actually not bad at all. those 10 hours seemed much shorter than the 7 hour layover that followed it in LAX, which i spent looking at this:
austin is so gray today and cooldd! i think it was in the 40s (that's in the less than 10's celsius)
my mom brought me a bagel! a real bagel. with real cream cheese.
matt liked soso.
i headed straight for the fridge :X
my mom's been out of town all week so the house was just as messy as it always is
and they left my chaise in the living room from when i moved out. i think it was originally supposed to go somewhere else. but it just didn't make it. (that's jeff and his friend josh taking one of our many couches to josh's new apartment in the background).
maj and kitty
ripley and kitty
and meeee, in texas!
tomorrow will be so much fun.

'i'm not in taiwan anymore' moments:
- i got to flush my toilet paper!
- there are trash cans everywhere
- and overweight people
- i can eavesdrop again
- i can walk up to anyone and ask a question without using any form of pantomime
- i get to sleep in my own bed, in my bedroom, in my house, with my family!


missris said...

Yay Megan welcome back!

Its_Lily said...

bet that bagel was delicious. The food I'm missing the most is dan bing, but I found a restaurant in Kalamazoo and the owner is from Taiwan. He's promised to make me dan bing next time I visit - and they don't serve breakfast. Yummm.

Anonymous said...

Sorry your house was a mess. Your mom was up here helping me. So glad you are home and you are all together. Love, Aunt Pam