Monday, December 22, 2008


today we woke up and it was really, reaaally cold! i think it's technically in the 40s but it feels like the 30s? but brrr it feels chilly.

so this morning we decided to go get a tree. our family tradition is to wait until at least 3 days before christmas, so this was early for us.
it's not [entirely] out of laziness or procrastination.. we try to find the least lovable tree, as long as it meets height and width requirements, and bring it to our house. the idea is to rescue the sad trees.
we went to a tree farm where andy works. he helped us find one that was 'one andy plus an arm' high. and the bottom of it is a little smushed on one side.
so that was adventure #1 in the cold. we didn't get it in the house today because we couldnt find the tree stand, so i guess the decorating will be tomorrow night.
faj and i went to central market and i could have happily flown to texas, walked around central market, and turned around and gone home. i love that place. it's a mostly-organic, fancy grocery store and it was where i did my weekly shop last year.
it's relatively cheap when you're just buying a quarter of a pound of things or little bits of whatever. and i can only hold $40 worth of groceries in my basket before my arm starts to fall off, so it works. so it was fun to be back there. it's so pretty and the people are so helpful and knowledgable.
then this evening, zach, will, john and i went for sushi down by campus. i knoooww, i know. i had made a pact against eating asian food. but their food is american-japanese and it's delicious and i've missed it. i had fried fish with udon noodle soup and 4 pieces of california roll. if that's what real japanese food tasted like, i would be in heaven.
and that was it for today. tomorrow is going to be reallly busy so i'm headed to bed. special thanks to jeffy for waking me up from sleeping on the couch so i could take my contacts out before they made my eyes puffy.

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