Tuesday, December 23, 2008

veggie chili

busy day today. this morning majjy and i went to the outlet mall to buy assorted necessary items. we found boots for me, underwear for jaime and joyce, and random things for some of my coteachers. all in all, a success.

in the afternoon, i went back to the publishing company where i used to work and we all went to my favorite restaurant for lunch. this is erin, me and celeste. we all worked on books together so we were kind of a little team.
i challenged ron to a chinese-off, but i think he was too intimidated. no, i'm sure he knows more than me. we were all learning chinese at the office in the summer.after lunch, i met up with patrick and we went to sweetish hill for dessert. i couldn't wait long enough for him to take the picture before i had to try some of the gingerbread man, evidenced by his missing arm.
we also got some random christmas shopping errands done around downtown.
most people take pictures in front of this wall when they get engaged. but now that i'm an independent, international lady, i can take them by myself ;)
in the evening, maj, jeffy and i made [delicious] lamb and veggie shishkabobs. mom sliced her thumb, so she had to use a baggie.

the neighbors came over for dinner and chatted for a bit, and then i went bowling with friends from high school.
the first game, will won and john lost.
but the second and third games, john bowled over 130 both times and whooped all of us with his random 'oops, did i just drop the bowling ball?' throw. it was amazing.
i'm still enjoying willbo's shaved head. today it was kind of scruffy, but still fun to touch.

time for bed! another fun day in austin.

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WK said...

I'll shave it again, just for you.