Tuesday, December 9, 2008

deck the halls

well this morning i tried to make these cookies but mine didn't turn out at all. when i went back to the blog to make sure i had the right amounts for everything, she had since posted a warning that a bunch of people were writing to say that theirs just spread out.
they were supposed to be 'browned butter shortbread cookies'
but they basically turned into sandy cookie dust. i forgot to take a picture before i had scooped it all up, but they looked like lace cookies but you couldn't pick them up at all. bummer.

so today i had a regular class followed by a parent teacher conference. it was interesting to see the moms and a couple of dads. you could immediately see the resemblance in all of them. i have two kids in there who simply can't speak english. they shouldn't be in my class. and both of their parents were at the meeting, so i had to tell them their kids were far behind. of course my coteacher translated, so i have no idea what they were actually told.
but one of the dads of those kids asked the administrator who was the real authority in the room if there wasn't some kind of system we could use where they don't have to study or do any work at home and just learn english. she said she had to politely say 'NO!'

when i went to say hi to mr. kuo, mr. wang had a giant smile on his face and he jumped out of his chair and said 'megan! i give you cake,' and he walked over to the fridge and brought me a box with these inside:
i ate a little bit of each of them when i was at the restaurant but i was running late so i took them home and shared them with the other teachers. yum!
noe's response was 'did someone give that to you? it's good being blonde, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

too bad about those cookies. moral of the story: don't trust bloggers. for now, i'm going to watch oprah for the first time since you left! yay for the end of a semester.