Thursday, December 11, 2008

you know me better than this

it's starting to feel pretty christmasy! it was beauuuutiful in the 80s here today, but in austin it was snowing! it was apparently in the 80s in the morning and then it snowed at night when a giant cold front came in. i've lived in austin for.. 12 years now? and it's snowed i think 4 times in that time. so snow is special. hopefully it'll do it again next week. 6 days!

i also downloaded a charlie brown christmas album and i think i listened to it 4 times today. it's perfect. mostly piano, upbeat, christmasy.
i spent something like 3 hours talking to my friends will and patrick online today. everyone from home is online during my afternoon when they're all about to go to sleep. and wednesday i don't have class until 7 so there's a big gap in the afternoon. jerry and i went to chinese and we picked up lunch at the japanese place and then i spent most of the day chatting with friends.

this is patrick and his [plastic] christmas tree. we're friends but there are some sparkles. he has the same sense of humor as dad (and me). we worked together at the daily texan in college.
i didn't really even know him but i made him this birthday card when we worked at the paper, and the rest is history. heck if i know why i have a picture of it.

this is andy in the austin snow. andy and i have been friends since high school. he went on the great european adventure of 2005 with me.
andy, me, becca and will in london, 2005. we all studied abroad in england at the same time. soooo much fun.

anyway tonight in class we had a parent teacher conference. we had another dad who asked if there was a way we could get his kid to study at home ... i don't understand those parents.
and harrison's dad was there and he speaks english. remember julie, the grandma who invited me for tea? she's harrison's grandma. so that was interesting. his dad told me to feel free to discipline his (and all of the) kid(s) when i see fit.

and noe and i went to steve, mike and josh's apartment for dinner. they have a channel on their tv where you can watch the closed circuit TV from the apartment security cameras. one channel is divided into 12 or so squares and you can watch everyone in all of the elevators. it's pretty creepy/interesting to watch. when they moved in, they watched it for several hours.

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WK said...

I haven't been able to stop listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" - and I HATE Christmas music.

It was a good night.