Saturday, December 6, 2008

it's colder day by day

i think of myself as a summer girl, but i think winter is my true favorite. i love bundling up, piling under blankets, and drinking all kinds of warm beverages.
speaking of beverages, i successfully ordered a drink in chinese today without any confusion!
'wo xiang yao yi bei re de limon lu cha,' i would like a cup of hot lemon green tea. 我想要一杯熱的.. i don't know how to spell lemon in pinyin. it's something like limon or ninmeng or something. it was really good and the guy who owned the tea stand was really nice. maybe that will be a regular place.

and i ordered contacts from a really accomodating woman who flitted around the store with me as i tried to explain what kind and brand of contacts i wanted. it's $15 for a box with 6, 2 week contacts. who knows their prescription? :)

oooh no the christmas shoes song is on my christmas radio. it doesn't make me cry anymore, but it makes me teary. especially when the choir comes in.

i'm all over the place. let's see. today was coooold. there was a really chilly wind and it was gray and gusty all day. thank goodness for that down jacket. it's like my torso is wrapped in a heating pad. i love that thing. and i bought serena's heater from her when she moved out, so i'm in buisness for the winter.

class was fun tonight. my game of the week is really really fun. and the easiest way to show the kids how to play is to demo it with my coteacher, and i haven't gotten to really interact very much with any of my coteachers, so that's been fun.
i still haven't bonded with my first class on fridays. it's hard for me to be myself with all of those boys, but i think we're getting there. i told 2 of the ones who sit up front next to me that i had 2 little brothers, and after class i heard them telling some other kids about it. maybe that'll get me into their club.

tonight dawn, alex, meghan and i went to bobo's movie night. we watched 'journey to the center of the earth' i think it was called.. it was super cheesy and almost all CGI, but it was nice to be back at bobo's. i haven't seen her in a long time. we ate pepperjack cheese, jalapeno pretzels and baileys.
time for bed. hell tomorrow.

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