Saturday, December 13, 2008

liang zhi lao hou

last night i dreamed that i was at home in texas and then i realized midway through that i couldn't be home because i knew i hadn't left taiwan yet. and then my alarm went off and i woke up and went back to sleep. i slept until 11:30 and i was dreaming that there was a cat on my bed, sleeping beside me.. and then i woke up but i kept my eyes closed, and i could still feel the cat beside me even though i knew i was in my room in taiwan because i could hear my fan in the background. so i've determined that i have a ghost cat in my room.

other than that.. had escargot for lunch at latini's today, taught 2 classes, bought some contacts, bought jeff and matt guei shan elementary and jr. high uniforms. that was a hilarious errand. i went to the stamp place down the street from the school because i knew they also sold uniforms, so the old woman who works there knew who i was, but trying to explain that i wanted to buy adult sized elementary school outfits was almost impossible. thank goodness for this girl who walked in and just magically asked if i needed help. so mission accomplished there.

on the home front, i called gram in NH and their power is out, as is the surrounding area. but they have a gas fireplace and a virtual grocery store in their basement, so they'll be fine. majjy is in new york state visiting her family and it's pretty icy there as well. this picture is from the post star.
time for bed. tomorrow is my last saturday until february! all of our january saturdays have been canceled because of perfectly timed holidays. i'm thrilled. but really i'm in a constant state of thrilled-ness because i'm going hooomeee in 4 days!!

popular baby names through the generations:
megan's year, 1985

Popularity in 1985

Rank Male name Female name
1 Michael Jessica
2 Christopher Ashley
3 Matthew Jennifer
4 Joshua Amanda
5 Daniel Sarah
6 David Stephanie
7 James Nicole
8 Robert Heather
9 John Elizabeth
10 Joseph Megan

mom, 1955

Popularity in 1955

Rank Male name Female name
1 Michael Mary
2 David Deborah
3 James Linda
4 Robert Debra
5 John Susan
6 William Patricia
7 Richard Barbara
8 Thomas Karen
9 Mark Nancy
10 Steven Donna

gram, 1928

Popularity in 1928

Rank Male name Female name
1 Robert Mary
2 John Betty
3 James Dorothy
4 William Helen
5 Charles Margaret
6 Richard Ruth
7 Donald Doris
8 George Barbara
9 Joseph Virginia
10 Edward Shirley

can you imagine naming your tiny baby doris? or shirley? or barbara? it's the opposite of me being 6 thinking that i didn't know any grandma's named megan. i don't know any babies named doris.

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Anonymous said...

boys names don't really change, apparently. at least if you're white.