Wednesday, December 31, 2008

guei shan

back in taiwan. i was just telling mom it feels a lot different than it did when i got here in june.
this time, dan from latini's was there waiting for me when i got off the plane, everyone was milling around the dorm when i got home, and my room was full of my stuff. it feels much better. i still have a little bit of the heartachey feeling that i think comes with being jetlagged and fresh from being home, but i'm happy to be back.

it's almost 1am here and i feel kind of floaty and tired so i'm going to see if i can fall asleep. night!

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Margy said...

Happy New Year Dear niece.
Already 2009 where you are.
It's snowing in LG .
It's going to be a good year ahead.
Have fun.
Aunt Margy