Sunday, December 14, 2008

like a map with no ocean

2.5 days!! to say that i'm more excited than anyone's ever been about anything, ever would come pretty close to explaining how much i can't wait to come home.

but you know, it will be a long 2 weeks away from my friends in da chu. this afternoon they fed me guava, fried bread and some kind of unidentified fruit. it was green apple green, felt like a plum, was white on the inside, and had a neon orange seed in the middle. it didn't really taste like too much, but i liked it. mr. wang tried to give me a set of tea cups, but i told him i had just gone to yingge and bought more pottery than any girl needs. i think in retrospect, i probably should have just said thank you and accepted them. ohwell.

he keeps singing unchained melody to me but with lots of the words changed to 'megan' which makes all of us laugh. they may be crazy old taiwanese alcoholics, but i love those three. and mrs. chan, my 'taiwan mom'. today mr. wang was all about me finding my Mr. Right in america and then telling me that the 3 of them would come to my wedding. they wanted to know exactly what stops the plane would be making.
anyway, leaving today was a little sad. i always look forward to them.

other than that, it was a quiet day in taoyuan. i tried to salvage the yucky cookie dough and make apple crisp with it, but it wasn't very good. too much flour.
the highlight of the night was danille, a vegetarian, walking around eating a bag of cheeto's and telling us how they tasted funny, and when i looked at the bag, they were pork and cheese flavored. silly! she said she didn't even look at the bag, she just saw that they were on sale.

and alex, a classics major, was throwing out random facts about ancient greece and rome. it can be a very random place in the dorm with an engineer, a classicist, 2 designers, a massage therapist, and assorted other people with equally diverse gifts and talents.
i guess we're all united by being teachers. josh walked out with a sticky ball attached to his beer today, which was classic. it can be a lot of fun.
(sticky ball. any teacher-with-a-whiteboard's best friend)


Anonymous said...

You can study up on your Chinses gift customs. can't wait to see you Meg!

Love, Faj

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