Sunday, December 7, 2008

i love the way you live so intensely

i have one story and then i'm headed to bed

so i'm sitting in my room on the computer when i hear..
'hello? is anyone there? i'm stuck on the roof. justin?' and it turns out to be josh, who was locked on the roof. i guess when the front desk girls locked it, they didn't look to make sure no one was out there first. he was hoping one of the smokers on the balcony would hear him yelling, but it was kind of a quiet time around the dorm and i think i was one of the only ones home.
so i go downstairs to let the front desk know, and there's only one girl downstairs and she's on the phone with a parent and isn't listening to me. meanwhile, i hear josh screaming again and i realize i hadn't let him know i had heard him. so i go out in the front of the school and josh is peeking over the side of the building and i tell him i'm trying to get the key but yoyo's on the phone.
eventually she did go up and unlock it. then josh went running down to his room and off to class, which he was running late to.
when he got him tonight, he told me he made it to guei shan 13 seconds before he would have lost his attendance bonus. (they pay us a dollar an hour for every hour we work if we're 10 minutes early to all of our classes every month.. it sounds like a little but i guess it adds up to around 100 extra dollars a month).

today mr. kuo told me that he started learning english on my birthday. that's probably the sweetest thing he's ever told me. i had been visiting them for a month or so before then, but i didn't know much chinese so we never really chatted. but then i remember trying to tell them it was my birthday and the next day, mrs. chan gave me green papaya with passionfruit as a special treat. and that's when it all began.
a few people in the dorm were talking about how if they stay past their year contract, they want to go to taipei instead of sticking around taoyuan because they don't really care for the city. i don't know how much i care for the city, but i think the people i've become friends with here make it all worthwhile.

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