Wednesday, December 3, 2008

you on that high flyin' cloud

foiled! everyone in the dorm has been sick all week. everyone except me. and i thought my body had finally built up some antibodies but it hasn't! this morning i woke up with sore ears and throughout the day it's just spread down through the rest of my body. but i took some tylenol a minute ago so hopefully it'll go away by the time i try to go to sleep. and i only have one class tomorrow and only one on thursday, so i can spend the better part of both days laying low.

today was fun. we watched ratatouille in one of my classes and my coteacher wanted to put the chinese subtitles on but i talked her out of it. duh! we're teaching them English. they can't just read the chinese like they always do. they seemed to be just fine though. they laughed at all of the funny parts and they did well on the question worksheet i made for them.

ok time for bed. hopefully i can sleep off the chills and acheyness.
oh aunt carol just reminded me we had an earthquake today. steve was moving his stuff around because he's moving into an apartment, so i figured it was just him moving his closet or something, but josh asked me about 5 minutes later if i had felt the earthquake. i was sitting in bed and my bed was moving back and forth. weird.


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan.
Have you thought about getting a flu shot when you get back to TX?
Sounds like your Thanksgiving will be one to remember. Glad you're having fun.
Love you,
Aunt Margy

Anonymous said...

How about hand washing? Keep at it, when the rest of the household is sick. You'll be surprised how much it helps. This advice comes from the Aunt who teaches snotty nosed 7 and 8 year olds. Get some hand cream too since your hands will get dried up and raw. Love, Aunt Pam