Friday, December 26, 2008

we wish you a merry christmas

christmas! here's what happened at tapadero drive.

the white presents before they were touched. we always start with these.

majjy got a new christmas tree shirt
jammies #1. jammies 2007
jammies 2.
jammies 3. and matt wearing his new guei shan jr. high shirt with guei shan elementary jacket
matt slept on that couch from 10am until 5pm today

we spent literally all day watching the 'little people, big world' marathon on TLC. a solid 6 or 8 hours of it.
jeffy in guei shan elementary uniform with school bag from my school
jeffy got a fancy guitar stand
we got these creepy masks in our stockings.
jeff wore his for most of the day. it made you shudder to look at him, it was so creepy
ripley needed a little butt skirt trim
it was hilarious.
roast beef, creamed spinach, cauliflower au gratin andd potatoes. delicioussss.

merry christmas! thank everyone for everything. hope yours was just as merry

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