Monday, December 29, 2008

he makes me happy

there was a short pause in blogland while i went to marble falls for my friends jillian and zach's wedding!
she walked down the aisle to 'you make me happy' sung by miss piggy. and since they aren't particularly partial to any religion, they incorporated parts of all different cultures into their ceremony. i love jillian.
jill and i met during RA tryouts our freshman year in college and then we had a math class together the following semester so we used to do our homework together, and the rest is history.
we lived together when she was an RA our junior year and i had been in england for a semester and then i moved into her room in the spring. i remember when she brought over this guy gordon, who she was sort of dating, and his friend zach. i told her zach was way cuter and that she should switch, and she did. they dated for the next 2 years and then they got married yesterday :)

below are valerie and her boyfriend, scott (i think). she and i had a poetry class together and we used to try to keep each other from giggling the whole time.
what a pretty reception!
dave and i worked together at the daily texan. we speculated about the wedding cake and exchanged witty banter all night.

this is chelsea, jill's best friend. she is so warm and fun to talk to. i guess i haveee known her for years, but no matter how long you've known her, she makes you feel like you've always been friends.

i'm so happy for them! their wedding was beautiful and they're so well matched. and it's exciting when two of your friends get married. much easier to keep in touch that way.

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Majjy said...

Put Megan on the plane in Austin headed back to Taiwan early this morning. She just called from Atlanta, GA and is on her way to board the flight to Korea then Taipei. She'll arrive in Taiwan Tuesday night at 9 pm Taipei time.

It was great having her home for the holidays and she went back packed with 2 suitcases of special requests from friends and teachers. Enjoy!

Thank you from her parents to those of you in Taiwan who take care of our daughter and have befriended her. We appreciate your kindness to our child, in whom we are well pleased. And know that Megan is a gift to all of us.

Blessings to you and your families in the upcoming year.
Liz Klein