Sunday, December 14, 2008

secondhand serenade

lazy sunday. it was one of those dark winter mornings so i stayed in bed pretty late. it looked like a rainy day, but it wasn't raining. my bed is exceptionally comfy in the winter. down is so warm but the puffiness of it makes you feel like youre in a little cloud.

i had my last class with linda this afternoon. i really really like linda. she's tall and authoritative but she's always smiling and laughing. i like that she's strong and she knows what she wants when it seems more like the norm for asian women to be quiet. i hope i still see her every once in a while. i got used to our sunday meetings.

steve, martyn, josh and i went to dinner at ali baba's tonight. we ordered a few main dishes to share which was interesting. i had only ordered one thing there up to that point, and i love it, but i was curious to try other things. i found out that chicken biryani is still my favorite.
it was fun. i've always had lots of fun with being friends with guys. i like the way guys my generation weren't really trained to be polite like i think my grandpa was, but they still try pretty hard when the time comes. especially steve. he makes me laugh. he's a really good quality person and he really looks out for people. the guys have started calling him 'dirty steve' and it's all the funnier because steve is such a gentleman.

jerry and alex moved in tonight. i took a tiny nap in jerry's bed while he played his guitar. he played a really pretty version of wonderwall that was apparently the original version.
and he wrote me a poem for letting him borrow my rose oil stuff..
roses are red, violets are blue
thank you for rose smell, before it was poo

time for bed! 1.5 days

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