Monday, December 22, 2008

with bells on

i think only being in town for 2 weeks has forced me to cram as much fun as possible into every day, which has been really cool.
yesterday, marisa and i went to ballet in the morning, just like old times. it was a different instructor than we had all last year, and she didn't really demo too much.. so i was lost a lot of the time.
then i came home and matt had microwaved a giant bag of tamales. YUUUUM tamales!
during the day, it was pretty warm. we still have some pretty leaves. i went to j. crew but they didn't have anything at allll that i needed.
maj was angry that we were all hanging out in the living room on our laptops at one point :X i guess that's the picture of the family of the 21st century.
against my specific orders for no rice for the length of my visit, we had hot pepper chicken for dinner. i admit, it was pretty tasty. in the evening, andy had a holiday party at his new apartment. it was a bunch of fun. becca and i made spiced cider and rice crispie treats and andy's mom made an assortment of balls. a cheese ball, olive balls, dessert balls.
willbo liked his shirt from taiwan.
john and kelly. john lives down the street from me so we used to go to coffee shops a lot together in high school. and kelly has always been a part of the group.
will and andy. andy tried to make it a tacky christmas sweater party.. but he was the only one. it was cute though.

patrick came and mingled like a pro. newspaper reporters have a knack for talking to anyone though. he scored 2 goals in his soccer game today!
all of us went to high school together. we get together in the summers and over the holidays every year which is a lot of fun. it's weird that everyone has a job or is in grad school now and is living in different cities and living different lives.bec and i went home around 330. fun night.

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missris said...

Next time we'll take a picture before we sweat for an hour!