Friday, December 19, 2008

don't tell me you don't know bootsy.

today was awesome in spite of me being completely exhausted.
this morning i went to try to get a working phone. they couldn't unlock mine that i screwed up while i was in taiwan, but i bought a go phone sim card. maj's friend, kathy, donated a phone to the cause, so i should be up and running tomorrow.

then this afternoon, becca and i met andy downtown for lunch at.. i don't know where it was. mood? moonshine? moonshine. i ordered a shirley temple and waldorf salad, which was delicious. it was fun to see them. i think andy and becca are 2 of my very favorites in austin.
we went to middle/high school together. andy is the only person i know who works in a semi corporate environment. and becca is on the verge of getting engaged.
so this is my hair before my hair appointment..
3 hours later, this is my stylist, audrey, and i with my new cut and color. i feel so much more like myself with my hair light again.
then right after the salon, i went to see the nutcracker ballet downtown with some people i used to work with at the daily texan (the school paper at UT). i hadn't seen any of them basically since graduation except for patrick. the ballet was nice. they had really pretty costumes and i could appreciate how hard some of the stuff was based on my failed attempts when i took ballet class before i left.
that's jeffy and i a minute ago. he wants to watch some gretta garbo movie. iiii don't think so.

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