Saturday, August 9, 2008

and a fairytale princess

well, my 9am kindy (short for kindergarten) still seems like it's at 5am. i was so tired this morning. waking up at 7 when you usually wake up at 10 or 11 is pretty rough. we had fun though. lots of flash cards. in my in-between time, from 1030 to 130, i got a hazelnut latte and toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese at starbucks. it was so tasty. they don't really have cream cheese here and i was craving it. read some more of The Secret. more on that later.

my sub class was pretty good. not quite as fun as last time, but still fun. i can remember everyone's name except this girl who wore a garfield shirt last week and this week, so i continued to call her garfield. it didn't seem like she minded. they like nicknames. anyway as i was leaving, joanna at the front desk handed me a fax and i said oh noooo because faxes mean you have to go do something or you have to sub a class. they wanted me to sub a class that night from 6 to 730 so i said yes. it's my understanding that you aren't really allowed to say no, and i didn't have anything to do at night anyway. it wasn't so bad but i did have to kill time from 330 to 6. went back into town, ate a delicious leek pancake thing with bacon and read more of The Secret at cheng gung (the downtown branch) for an hour while i waited for keith to get out of class there at 5. the secret was talking about how all you need to do is know what you want and the universe will reorganize itself to bring it to you. i thought 'i have enough money right now, all i want is a scooter and ballet classes.' i met up with keith and he scootered me to guei shan on his way home and we had ice cream and chatted about what i had read. then i subbed the class at 6 and the first thing i did was play this word relay game and they had to come up with words with a certain number of letters, and they got to choose the first one and the only constraint was that it had to be a 6 letter word, and one team picked Secret. that could have been a coincidence. but..

keith picked me up after class and we went to the grocery store. when i got off his scooter, i backed into the exhaust pipe and burnt the heck out of my calf. i've been keeping ice on it since then and it looks like:
pretty gross. it's like the size of a golfball. that's my leg and the bag of mixed vegetables i've been keeping it cold with. it huuuurts. i can squish around the layer of skin on top. it's like a giant blister without any liquid in it.
anyway i beelined it for the ice cream section so i could ice it immediately, and keith got me a bag of ice from the lady butchering live fish across from the ice cream and we did a quick check for tortilla chips (which is what i was looking for in the first place), didn't find any, and were on our way out when i was thinking 'it's too bad that i'm in too much pain to think about what i actually need here so this wouldn't be a totally wasted trip' when i saw this girl in a gray sweat suit with a wrap front like dancers wear and i looked at her feet and like an inch of them was exposed and she was wearing pink ballet tights and i could see an inch of shiny purple leotard peeking out from her top and i looked up at her mom who was looking at me and i asked if she spoke english and she said a little, and i asked where the girl took ballet and it's right down the street from me! so i'm going to look into that next week. but it only took 3 hours for that to materialize. now i have to focus on a scooter. although i'm kind of angry at scooters today.

i'm all on a Secret, everything-happens-for-a-reason kick because my friend jerry is a total nonbeliever and he's driving me crazy arguing about it so i've been paying extra attention to all of the things in my life that aren't coincidence.

anyhow now i'm home and not going out dancing with josh and some others because i can't be away from something icy for more than a minute before my leg starts feeling like it's being branded with a red hot poker.

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