Sunday, August 3, 2008

small small small small small smaaaalll

woke up laaate today which was fine because it's my do-nothing-sunday. eventually put on a dress and some shoes and went over to latini's. i always feel kind of silly there now because i go so often and i haven't really talked to the owner much. had a delicious panini and espresso ice cream and did half of my lesson plans for the week.

went to carrefour with serena. i'm done with carrefour on sundays. there are a million people there and it makes me all jittery and stressed for no reason. i don't like not being able to walk at my usual pace. but i did buy some yogurt and ice cream and lots of fruit so i'm excited. i hadn't been to the store in like 2 weeks so i was eating random food all the time which isn't good.

tonight keith and i went to kat and gill's for kat's birthday BBQ and this woman, Bobo, was there. she teaches chinese to a lot of foreign teachers and tonight she brought one of her daughters, Joyce, who's 3 and she is ADOOORABLE beyond words. at first, she didn't want to talk to me, but we made friends eventually and then literally for the next 4 hours she just ordered me around. we drew about 20 pictures, made snowflakes and butterflies and hearts out of paper, made a crown, put on lip gloss, ate ice cream. Bobo told her i was like a lifesize Barbie, and i did kind of feel like one. i was wearing a hot pink dress and she was just telling me what to do, it was fun. for a while, jerry and keith colored with us. keith was coloring and Joyce would make me copy him and he drew a hot air balloon and a dragon and i had to draw all of it. so fun. at the end of the night keith and i agreed that we would pay double for chinese lessons if bobo would promise we could play with joyce afterward.
that's josh and joyce

and now i'm home :) time to eat some pineapple and go to sleep.

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