Thursday, August 21, 2008

secret card shark

welllll. usually wednesday is an early day because i used to have class from 1:30-3:30 and 4-6, but those classes combined and now i have one class from 7-9 so i have a whole afternoon of free time that i'm not sure what to do with yet. today i spent it hanging out with keith, who just found out that they have work for him in alberta, so he's leaving after he takes his test which gives us like 3 weeks. not so good.
as i was holding the elevator today, i asked him what he would do if it crushed me to death and he couldn't open it, he said he would bite out my jugular. i thought that was entertaining.

class was fun today. i know everyone's name which only took me 2 months. its such a big class and all of the girls in the back are like the same age, more or less the same height. i don't know why it was so hard. they never talked so i couldn't differentiate between any of them. but we're getting somewhere lately.

played spades with noe, justin and steve tonight. i was on steve's team and we won. i had never played before and they didn't think i would be any good so i was happy to prove them wrong.

gram and spanky's birthday card came in the mail today :) it's been fun checking to see if anything's come. a lot of people are expecting mail soon so we're all like little watch dogs. it's fun.

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missris said...

is keith the guy you're kind of dating? and he's leaving? sad!