Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the light, the heat

nothing really interesting happened today so you aren't missing anything. fruit lady charged me $50 without putting up any kind of fight and i bought a german-fabulous yellow dress that you'll see part of in a picture below.

quickly, the story of maj and faj: we were watching Austin Powers, Goldmember several years ago.. probably in 2003 or 4 and the 'faja' part came on where the little person starts calling dr. evil faja. then we started calling dad faj and eventually mom maj. nicknames that have sprung from those: fajjy, majjy, fajtown, majtown

i let keith borrow my camera because he doesn't have one and these are some highlights of what he took pictures of:

keith and some of his kindy boy babies
us tonight. that's my new german-tastic dress. $10
mickey. keith gets to teach a regular class with him, i just get to sub. he's awesome though
the alley that's the shortcut to carrefour
this is what you see as youre walking through the alley
the weird animal-machine-ride you can ride outside of carrefour
i think this is a bunch of stomachs
random parts in juice

tea lady in carrefour. they always have those big bowls and try to pass you a sample. i tried one once and it was reaaaally gross so i haven't tried any since but i guess i should. they taste really medicinal best ice cream in the whole wide world comes from deli manjoo
me in my mexico-fabulous shirt/dress on saturday, standing in front of keiths (soon to be mine) scooter
me, computing
katie, derek and gill at their apartment. katie and gill are two of keith's friends from home. they work with us

and that is the end :)
time for bed!

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A.Margy said...

It's great to see photos.
Keep em comin