Friday, August 22, 2008

walkin' on sunshine

saw this in the shower tonight and haddd to take a picture. that's engrish at it's finest. that's keith's socrates in the background.

2 things and then time for bed
1. dawn, the new girl, arrived. she's a redhead, she's from england, she seems nice. i didn't talk to her, i just met her for 5 seconds

2. the fruit lady saga continues:
me: liang ge bell fruit (two bell fruit)
she cuts it up, i hand her 20NT (66 cents.. which is what my WOW class told me was the going rate)
her: (hands me back my $20 and snatches the bag of fruit), $50.
me: $25.
her: $50.
me: $30.
her: $50.
me: bu yao. (don't want) .. and i walked away.

i need to learn how to say 'greedy, awful woman!'

marisa: i'm coming back to austin when i get back next year but you're not even going to be here! anddd it's free class day at ballet austin Sept. 7, when are you leaving again?

editor's note: the IT guy at my old job told me this and i wanted to share.
scrappergus: you might think this is funny
12:41 AM dunno if you know but some of the girls took to getting offended by sarcasm, which has sucked, but kristen is sorta coming around
after we had a little talk
so she said something really snarky to me the other day
so I said "Kristen, good job, that was some really artful snark!"
and she replied "I know! It's like I was channelling Megan!"


missris said...

my program is over in june and i might be back next summer for a while! i'm leaving on august 31 so...won't be around for free class day. i've been a ballet slacker these days anyway.

Katherine said...

If you could channel Gus, what would you say?
Before I left, he said: "I had a friend that tried to bike from Seattle to San Francisco. He gave up and said it was too fucking hard. I laughed at him."