Sunday, August 17, 2008


so saturday started early as always with my 9am kindy. i made it through that without any big problems and i was scheduled to have another one after that, but the teacher came in and asked me politely to leave and it turns out that i dont start until next week. it was a miracle because i was really tired.

so thennn i was waiting at the bus stop and this person rides up on a scooter and just stops there for a bit and i was getting out my water and she said 'hey where are you going?' and i look up, and it's the coteacher i have problems with. i tell her guei shan and she says hop on i'll give you a ride. :O. i was so surprised. so she gave me a ride into town and she complimented my outfit. maybe we've made some kind of breakthrough. i guess the true test will be when we get to class again on thursday night.

then in the afternoon i had 3 sub classes. the first one was pretty good, we played all kinds of games. the second one was the last of 3 times i subbed for that class. the coteacher in there is craaaazy, her name is anita. we had a new kid trying out the class and i think she terrified him. she likes to yell for effect and it's funny if you know she's not serious but i think she kid didn't know what to think. at one point in that class, my friend derek just walked in and asked how it was going and i said i'm teachinggg! and he went outside and blew on the glass and wrote a little message in the steam on the door. my class was in shambles and i was blushing a lot. my third class was with a coteacher i've never met, jill. she was very flattering. she kept calling me 'the pretty coteacher' and it was fun. i told them all sorts of things about derek, who's usually their teacher.

and chelsea and i went to dinner at this japanese place right next door to the school and i didn't know they had pictures on their menu so i had never walked in, but i had pork with rice and it was really really good. definitely the best thing i've eaten in taiwan. no yucky bits.

at night, josh, steve, justin and i went to this club in jung li, a town like.. 25 minutes away by cab, and we went to a club called hen house. it was an interesting lesson in taiwanese club culture. a bunch of 'taiwanese gangsters' were there and they just make me laugh. taiwanese guys are so thin and weak looking. even though these ones had layers and layers of sweatshirts on and hats and whatever, they still looked like scrawny little guys. it was fun though. i was talking to this person i thought was a girl but who had short hair and was dressed like a guy and josh came over and referred to them as 'he' and then we spent the rest of the night trying to figure out if it was a guy or a girl. dressed like a guy, had a questionable adam's apple, and we asked his friend and he said it was a guy. but they had ladylike hands and went into the women's restroom so who knows.
but i think bonded with steve. we're both non-dancers so we sat on the side and chatted most of the night, and when he had to leave my side he came up with a signal i could do that would let him know i needed assistance. so that was nice.
but i got home and showered and today my whole body is still really smoky so i'm going to go shower again and hope i can get rid of it.

oh! i had a dream that mutti, aunt margy, gram and spanky, mom and dad and aunt carol were in austin and we went out to dinner for my birthday. so it was nice seeing the imaginary forms of all of you :P


Margy said...

It's all about the food. I'll be dreaming of you too.
Get the birthday cards in the mail folks....
lots of love.
A. Margy

Majjy said...

Your non imaginary parents spent a very lovely weekend at the lake, eating and hanging out on the porch with M&C.

Hard to believe you'll be 23 in a couple of weeks. Your birthday box is going out in the mail tomorrow. I trust you'll get it on time. I sent it to you at-

Gloria English School
No. 16, Lane 336, Tung-An St.,
Taoyuan, TAIWAN


Anonymous said...

Your parents have been married 24 years today 8-18-84..........because you're 12 hours ahead it's Monday the 18th in Taiwan.

megan said...

it was on my calendar and i was goinggg to wish you happy anniversary :P