Monday, August 11, 2008

the taiwanese patient

I took a bunch of pictures of my day today in lieu of writing about it. In my first class, we took a field trip to McDonalds. it's their treat for finishing a big test. this is us walking there..

This is them ordering. We taught them..
Mc donalds person: hello, may i help you?
kid: yes please, i'd like a happy meal
mc donalds person: OK, what kind of drink would you like?
kid: a coke, please
mc donalds person: anything else?
kid: no thank you
mc donalds person: that will be -----$
kid: ok, here you go.

it was pretty cute. the mc donalds lady screwed them up at the end by asking 'for here, or to go?' and the kids looked at us like that wasn't in the script!, what do i do?!
naturally, one kid ordered a coke and 3 things of fries. his name is Hank. We call him hank-uh.
Eason, the powerhouse (top left), Lin (bottom left), ken and jeff
from left to right.. Judy, Maggie, Jennifer and Kitty
Jasmine, my coteacher with Teddy, Isabelle and Betty
All of us in front of McDonalds :)
This is my almost-baby class. they're like 5 and 6 year olds and super sweet.
This is my wound on day 3 and the medical paraphenalia i bought today to try to play nurse with. i switched from non-breathable cotton pads to breathable gauze. i think that might help. i really have no idea what i'm doing. any legitimate burn advice would be appreciated.

oh! i almost forgot to show you stamp #3.

i made keith one too. i couldnt tell the lady 'id like mine in cursive and his in normal lettering' so he got cursive too. but i think it's hilarious with the pocket knife. and mine is hello kitty :) soo taiwan.

time to dry my hair and head to bed.


Majjy said...

Could those kids be ANY cuter? Must be fun for all of you. I'm sure they will never forget you- just as you won't soon forget them.

faj said...

What's with the peace sign from the kiddies? They look like happy campers!