Friday, August 8, 2008

ding ding ding went the bell

this is me and serena a minute ago. she's from chicago

i can't think because the trolley song is stuck in my head and it's overwhelming the voice in my head. let's seeee...
oh, went to taipei this morning to pick up my resident visa! now i have to apply for my ARC (alien resident card) that'll give me some more privileges. i can get a scooter and i can go to health clinics and get reaaally cheap prescriptions. keith came with me because we were both feeling kind of weird about me going alone and my intuition has been really strong here so if something seems weird, i just don't do it. anyway i was happy to have company. we took a taxi from the train station, went straight there, and went straight home. this really nice spanish? guy helped us find the bus station when we were lost. people just pop out of nowhere when you need help.

bought a cuteee top on the street. (see below). it makes me feel like a german milkmaid or something. i love it. it's crocheted on top but you cant really see it in the tiny picture. click on it if you want to see it looks weird with my yellow skirt :P and serena found me some taiwan-tastic leggings. they're black with pink bottoms. (in the picture). i didnt wear that all day, by the way. i was just trying on my new shirt.

i don't really have a whole lot to say about today. my good class was good, my horrible class was horrible. oh! so in my good class, i have a mom who sits in the back. tonight at the end of the class, my coteacher told me that the mom said that she doesnt want me to wear tank tops like i wore today, andd i shouldn't whistle at night because its GHOST MONTH and you arent allowed to WHISTLE AT NIGHT. i called shenanigins on that. i understand cultural differences, but i mean.. i like to whistle. i didn't realize how much i did it until someone told me not to.

time to chat with jeffy and go to bed.

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missris said...

what the hell is ghost month? and why can't you wear tank tops? tell this woman where to put it. ooh, learn to do it in taiwanese!