Friday, August 22, 2008

emergency update

mom and dad are moving to san diego! dad's leaving sept. 2 and who knows when mom is.
they're going to finish the round rock house and keep it and keep the lake. hopefully i can live in round rock when i get back.
anyway when i go home for christmas they're going to fly back because my flight is to austin, and we'll have christmas at the lake with matt and jeff.
good thing i'm in the right spirit for major life changes. whew!


Majjy said...

Yep we're heading West!!!
Crazy isn't it?

As empty nesters, with you in Taiwan, Matt at UT and Jeff in's pretty much "I'm FREE to do what I want."

From the Rolling Stones concert documentary by Martin Scorsese we watched last that comes to mind.
M & F

missris said...

Oooh very exciting! But Megan, you HAVE to come back to Austin, for serious.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize they were keeping the RR and lake houses. Nice. Jeff and I will keep an eye on things while they're away. =) and P.S. my internet likes your blog again.