Sunday, August 10, 2008

and i'll be alright, i'm just missin' you

well, the burn update is that i went to carrefour, bought some neosporin, jelly bandaids and anti-scar cream. i had the jelly bandaids on from noon until 7ish but i got on the mayo clinic website and they said to just cover it with gauze until it heals itself, so i did that instead. who knows.

today i made red curry with coconut milk, carrots, potatoes, eggplant and chicken. yumm. and i napped, watched tv, showered. i bought the same body wash i was using at home. Ivory brand lavendar body wash. it smells so good, i love it.

i was kind of in a crummy mood all day. we can't watch much of the olympics here. they televise weird sports like badminton and something that seems like soccer but you can use your hands.. it seems like NBC bought the rights to all of the cool sports and taiwan isn't in on the action. i tried watching live video online, but taiwan 'is not an accepted viewing region' so it wont let me. so that was annoying. and it's hard to be in a foreign country when youre sick or injured. and keith was studying for the MCAT all day and didn't want to be bothered, so i couldn't chat with him and no one in the dorm was really around for most of the day and i just didn't feel good.

but now i feel better. i caught up with gram and spanky on the phone. it had been like a week since i had talked to them and it seemed like forever. i think i really just needed a nap and some food. i went to latini's and had caprese salad that was really good and a frozen latte. came home and watched Gatica with people. noww it's time for bed!


Majjy said...

Glad you found the Neosporin... love that stuff. It's always been a lifesaver and really helps speed healing when you keep it on and covered up.

Will send healing energy your way.

Faj said...

Try and and maybe you can get some of the Olympics video.

megan said...

nope no NBC-related video will work in my region