Friday, August 22, 2008

wish they all could be california girls

the updates from the other side of the world are... (whenever i sub a class i tell them that i live in the US, in texas, and the other day i told a class that if they dug a hole through the middle of the earth, they'd eventually hit the US, and it blew their minds.)

1. had escargot at latini's today for lunch. it was reaaallly good. covered in butter and pesto sauce, on top of a bed of garlic and onions sauteed in red wine and served with homemade toast. and keith came and sat with me and drank a latte. it was the first time he's ever come and the owner and everyone in the kitchen (the kitchen is open to the restaurant) were giving me knowing looks.

2. bonded some more with my WOW class of highschoolers. i told them the story of how i was being 7x overcharged by the fruit lady and i had them ask me questions that weren't the questions they memorize. they asked how old i was, why i came to taiwan. it was kind of interesting. i think if they get to know me better as a person, they wont be as apt to be jerks to me in class.

3. discovered that my corner people in da chu have been adding MSG to my pea pods and carrots =\ i'm going to ask them to stop doing that

4. augusta and i were both wearing yellow dresses today totally randomly. and i met her boyfriend. he's a trainer at the gym and he looks really intimidating and my kids were giving me the funniest looks over it.

that's it for today. keith still has my camera, but i have a list of things i'm going to show you once i get it back.
this is chelsea. she's the one i went to the night market with and to dinner the other night

look, mom is famous: you can click here

p.s. we're getting a new girl in the dorm tomorrow! dawn from england. her flight gets in at 9pm.

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missris said...

I love your mom's site! If I had a yard to design, I'd totally hire her.