Sunday, August 24, 2008

never saw blue like that

sunday is so lazy.
i spent a good chunk of time this morning on my computer trying to figure out what to do about watching american TV. i don't think i can go without watching grey's anatomy. so i downloaded a bit torrent and i've been downloading torrents of project runway season 5 all morning. other than that, i did some laundry, went with keith to run errands around town and ate deliciousss ice cream at this place called Yannick. who knoooows where that name came from. i had one scoop of banana, cinnamon-y vanilla and one cookies and cream.

this afternoon keith and i went swimming with jerry at his apartment complex. it would remind you of swimming at embassy suites, the hotel chain. the pinkish orange apartments are towering above you and the pool has tons of palm trees and a fake rock thing, so we call it the grotto. jerry is hilarious and it was good to be in the water for a few hours.

afterward, keith and i went to this indian restaurant called Ali Baba's. we sat on couches at a table that was pretty low and cozy and we were right next to the window and it felt like we were in a bird's nest because it was up on the 2nd floor. there was a tv with indian music videos playing.
i wish i could describe how tasty the food was. we ordered buttered naan (kind of like pita bread but softer), regular naan, some white sauce to dip it in, this crispy thin bread, and he had soup and i had chicken biryani which is basmati rice with chunks of chicken and lots of spices. i could have died, i was in food heaven. everything was perfect and cooked with obvious skill and love. i'm thinking about going back to ask if i could just come help out in the kitchen on sundays and learn how to cook delicious indian food from them. we'll see. i need a scooter if i want to do that.


Majjy said...

Yummy.....Sounds like you're discovering some "mighty fine" food.

Speaking of your brother,we've had three calls from Matt since we dropped him off at college. All three, as predicted, have been when he's needed something. Friday it was money to hook up the internet jack in his room, Saturday he wanted his bike and today he wanted us to meet him at IKEA with the truck so we could haul his larder back to the dorm. They purchased knives and a cutting board at IKEA but no silverware or dishes- go figure. He and room mate Blake are already having fun and had a girl name Alana with them shopping so he's getting busy being social. He also stopped home to raid his bedroom grabbing the Poang, his TV, Starry, Starry Nights and the MOMA print. He's pretty well set now. Can't wait to see his phone photos of the finished space. Kids! Gotta love 'em.
Love you and miss you,

Its_Lily said...

My son, Alex, is one of those who lured you to Taiwan. Not sure who lured him, but I've finally forgiven him/her. *grins* It sounds like all of you are having the time of your lives. I'll be there in October to see what all the glory is about. Love the blog!